​The Department of Lands is a government agency which responsible for mission in land aspect concerning with protecting right in land of individual person and managing public land by conducting survey and mapping, issuing land right document, registering of rights and juristic act on immovable property, promoting real estate business, managing land information for the security in land tenure of the people and receiving efficient service delivery as well as managing public land to its high efficiency for the utmost benefit under the environment and economy, politic, and society situation which have been changed under the globalization. Department of Lands has compiled the Strategic Plan in land aspect for the period of 10 years onwards (B.E. 2557 – B.E. 2566) which conform to the implementation roadmap of Ministry of Interior by using Scenario Planning Technique under the aspect of land mission, arranging a participated meeting of Department of Lands personnel in order to analyze situation, prescribing the Strategic Positioning (SP) and strategy from the strategic standpoint in each main mission. Thus, Ministry of Interior is able to appropriately manage the mission under the context of land aspect for the achievement. Department of Lands has summarized and prescribed strategic plan in the specified mission in the aspect of land as follows: